Lecture Theatres

Dr. Manish Gupta Professor Department of Physiology

  1. Three air-conditioned lecture halls with audio-visual facilities.

    • Three lecture halls with a seating capacity of 180 each and provided with a side room and a projection room.

    • One lecture hall with a seating capacity of 90 only.

  2. An air-conditioned examination hall with a seating capacity of 170 and with a side room. This also has audio-visual facilities and can be used like a lecture hall.

  3. Lecture theatres are also used for guest lectures, clinical meetings, debates and quiz contests, conferences/seminars/workshops, and cultural activities including film shows.

  1. Audio amplifying system including audio mixers and speakers with cord and cordless mikes (collar & hand mikes).

  2. Audio recording and playing facilities.

  3. Projection facilities including motorized screens, overhead projectors, LCD projectors, DVD player and laptops for PowerPoint presentations.

  4. Active panels, interactive boards and electronic assessment (voting) devices - very useful for interactive sessions and quiz programmes.

  5. Electronic cable connection with cameras between the surgical operation theatre of the hospital and the lecture theatre for direct interactive audio-visual transmission of surgeries to the audience in the lecture theatre.

  6. 16 mm movie projection facilities for film shows.

  7. Epidiascopes for projections from books.

  8. V.C.R. facilities.

  9. Audio-visual facilities are also available for the pandal purposes.

  10. Telemedicine facility for video-conferencing. It can be linked to several institutions as well as to our primary health centres and is useful for academic, research and health services.

Mr. Vivek Mishra, Projectionist

Mr. Bhabani Shankar, Projectionist

Mr. Alekh Lalatendu, Projectionist

Mr. Shiv Kumar, Technical Assistant

Mr. Arvind Kumar, Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Anil Kumar, Laboratory Attendant