Vision & Mission


The foundation of University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS) was laid on the very basic principles of our culture and civilization ‘Tamso ma jyotirgamaya’; leading from darkness to light and from ignorance to wisdom.


The vision of University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS) is to serve the community through producing not only “Indian Medical Graduate” (IMG) possessing requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and responsiveness, so that he or she may function appropriately and effectively as a doctor of first contact of the community while being globally relevant”; but also responsible citizens of tomorrow. UCMS envisions an atmosphere for young minds to blossom into leaders who drive the health care system in all spheres through nurturing talent and creativity


1. To provide excellence in education and research in medical, dental and allied health sciences, patient care and research. The institute aims at providing programs that facilitate the development of competent professionals who are both locally and globally responsive in areas of education, healthcare delivery and research.

2. To provide access to highest quality of affordable education in medical, dental and allied health sciences to all students and ensure a safe and healthy environment for research and patient care and facilitate their professional development.

3. To provide excellent health services to the community.

4. To promote and nurture our faculty to achieve heights of their potential and through individual growth and collaboration, lead to the growth of the institution.


The institutes values and respects team work, integrity, creativity and dexterity and aims at providing all the administrative support for staff to work and to be productive & responsible in an amiable atmosphere. We, constantly endeavor to serve those seeking our expertise with altruism, excellence, integrity and respect.

UCMS works completely on the lines of the National Medical Commission and National Health Goals of the country to produce Indian Medical Graduates who are not only competent in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes but also ethical and responsive to society. Our constant endeavor is to produce young doctors who are not only effective as a physician/healer of first contact of the community but also globally relevant.

Our logo is displayed very prominently in the institute and in all the official communications; with the idea that the ethos may be imbibed by one and all every time they see it. ‘Tamso ma jyotirgamaya’; leading from darkness to light and from ignorance to wisdom.

The outcome of this several years of constant effort and commitment is that the graduates of UCMS are placed in several government institutes that are involved in policy making and implementation. Several of our students are also making a global impact by serving prestigious positions abroad too.

Our dynamic and committed faculty also collaborate with other institutes as scientific experts like in Govt. of India, AIIMS, NBE, ICMR, DBT, Unicef, WHO and other educational institutes, contributing not only to the growth of their own institution but also sharing their expertise with other institutes for the societal beneficence Hence, UCMS Vision is the mission of all its staff (teaching as well as non-teaching) to strive from darkness to light, wisdom and excellence.