UCMS - Course: M.Sc. (R&MIT)
M.Sc. (Radiography & Medical Imaging Technology)

Medical Science has made tremendous advances in last two decades. Newer diagnostic and therapeutic modalities like ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, PET scan, etc. are developing at a rapid pace. It is possible to impart this knowledge to the medical students. However, there is acute shortage of supportive technical staff familiar with the newer techniques. X-ray technologist plays an important role in helping the radiologist to make a diagnosis by providing good quality films and helping in various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. With advances in technology and expansion in medical care, there is increasing requirement of trained radiographers and supervisors to meet the expectations. Hence more and more job opportunities shall be available to the persons trained in X-ray and imaging technology.

With improving standards of medical care and for further upgradation, there is a need for highly qualified imaging professionals in this field all over the country. Further, placements are being solicited by the multinational companies for the bright technologists and highly skilled students as application experts specializing in different fields in imaging technology. There exists a vast untapped potential in this field. Further, with many upcoming institutions for providing training for radiographers, there shall be increasing requirement for tutors. The master’s degree course- (Radiography & Medical Imaging Technology) is aimed at meeting this rising demand as well as at enhancing the quality of care.

  1. To enhance the standard of knowledge and experience of the students in the field of Medical Imaging Technology & Radiography and to update them with the newer developments taking place in the field of radio diagnosis.
  2. To impart them the experience of teaching, planning and policy making in the organization of department as well as in the selection of equipment and accessories for various procedures.
  3. To make the students aware of various radiation safety measures meant for staff members and general public.
  4. To develop manpower for supervising and teaching the radiographers and X-ray technologists.
  5. To make the students aware of various radiations safety measures meant for staff members and general public.

The Indian national who have passed Bachelor Degree in Sciences (three years course) Medical Technology (Radiography) and Medicine from a recognized University/recognized by National Medical Council (Erstwhile Medical Council of India-MCI) respectively.

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