List of Publications
List of Publications
2003 – 04
Bhargava SK, Agarwal N, Upreti L, Gupta R, Kumar A. Sonographic appearance of leprus nerve abscess. Ultrasound Int 2003;9:21-24.
Bhargava SK, Bhargava N, Mehrotra G, Bhargava C, Gupta P. Multifocal primary tuberculosis of breast with masto pleural fistula - a sonographic diagnosis. Ultrasound Int 2003;9:99-102.
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Upreti L, Bhargava SK, Kumar A. Primary leiomyosarcoma of seminal vesicle: A case report. Australiasian Radiol 2003;47:1.

2004 – 05
Bhargava SK. Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging, 2nd Ed. Publisher, 2004.
Bhargava SK (ed.). Step by Step Ultrasound. New Delhi: Jaypee Bros, 2004.
Bhatt S. Chapters on (a) Chest (pp 16-18); (b) Diaphragm (pp 19-21); (c) Gall bladder in biliary tract, (pp 36-43); (d) Pancreas (pp 48-52); (e) Peritoneum and mesentery (pp 53-58); (f) Renal (pp 59-69); (g) Adrenals (pp 70-72); (h) Anterior abdominal wall (pp 87-90); (i) Paediatric abdomen (pp 91-99); (j) Spine (pp 108-111); (k) Musculoskeletal system (pp 112-137); (i) Superficial parts (a) Eye and Orbit, (pp 138-141); (b) Salivary gland (pp 141-144); (c) Thyroid and parathyroid (pp 144-147); (m) Female pelvis (pp 155-167); (n) Obstetrics (pp 168-184); (o) Doppler (pp 185-204 In: (ed. Bhargava SK) Step by Step Ultrasound. New Delhi: Jaypee Bros, 2004.
Bhatt S. Chapters on (a) Contrast radiological examination – Justification and usefulness, (pp 1-4); (b) Respiratory system (pp 218-238); (c) Sinography/Fistulography (pp 351-353); (d) Sonographic examination (pp-354-358). In: (ed. Bhargava SK) Radiological Procedures. New Delhi: Peepee Bros., 2004.
Bhatt S. Chapters on (a) Contrast agents in ultrasound (pp 39-48); (b) Doppler in liver (pp 75-93); (c) Role of color Doppler in splenic lesion (pp 94-96); (d) Colour Doppler in pancreas (pp 100-121); (e) Role of colour Doppler in urinary system (100-121); (f) Retroperineum and great vessels (pp122-138). In: (ed. Bhargava SK) Textbook of Colour Doppler Imaging. New Delhi: Jaypee Bros., 2004.
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Mehrotra G. Chapters on (a) Arterial system (pp 239-272); (b) Cardiac system (pp 286-306; (c) Lacrimal System (pp 313-320); (d) Emergency radiography (pp 334-341). In: (ed. Bhargava SK) Radiological Procedures. New Delhi: Peepee Bros, 2004.

2005 – 06
Bhargava SK (ed.). Radiological Signs and Syndromes. New Delhi: Peepee Bros., 2005.
Bhargava SK (ed.). Radiological Differential Diagnosis: New Delhi: Jaypee Bros, 2005.
Bhargava SK (ed.). Ultrasound Differential Diagnosis: New Delhi: Jaypee Bros, 2005.
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Srivastava AK, Bhargava SK, Mehrotra G, Aggarwal S, Tripathi RP. A study in assessment of acute ischemic stroke by the use of optimized diffusion weighted M R imaging. J Med Phy 2005; 30:189-190.
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Rastogi R, Bhargava SK. Multi detector C.T. Evaluation of acute pancreatitis and its complications. J Int Med Sc Acad. 2005;4:18;189-192.

2006 – 07
Bhargava SK. CT Differential Diagnosis. Delhi: Jaypee. Bros, 2006.
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Rastogi R, Bharvaga SK, Tandon A, Bhargava S. Secondary osteochondroma in a solitary osteochondroma of pubic bone – A case report. J Post-graduate Med Educ1` Training Research 2006; 1:1:61-62.
Somani S, Bharvaga SK, Bhatt S, Gupta P. Haemangioma of tongue. J Int Med Sci Acad 2006; 19:91-92.
2007 – 08
Bhatt S. 10 chapters in the book. Textbook of Radiology & Imaging, New Delhi. CBS Publishers, Year.
Bhargava SK. 12 chapters in the book Textbook of Radiology & Imaging. New Delhi: CBS Publishers, year.
P Kumar, Bhargava SK, Mehrotra G, Rathi V. Ultrasonography in abdominal tuberculosis. J Int Sci Acad 2007; 20:131-134.
Rastogi R, Bhargava SK, Mehrotra G, Bhargava S. Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation in a child- A case report. JPG Med Educ Training Res 2007; 2:pages.
Rastogi R, Bhargava SK, Tandon A, Bhargava S. Spring water cyst in an atypical location in the mediastinum. J Postgraduate Med Educ Training Res 2007; 2:pages.
2008 – 09

Attam A, Kaur N, Saha S, Bhargava SK. Mammographic density as a risk factor for breast cancer in a low risk population, Indian J Cancer 2008; 45:50-33.

Rajesh R, Bhargava SK, Bhatt S, Bhargava S. Cholestrosis and adenomyomatosis of the gall bladder. J Int Med Science Academy 2008; 21:77-78.

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2009 – 10

Rastogi R, Bhargava SK, Bhatt S, Bhargava S. Computed tomography in the diagnosis of chronic gastric volvulus. J Int Med Science Acad 2009; 22: 93-94.

Tandon A, Bhargava SK, Gupta A, Bhatt S. Spontaneous transmural migration of retained surgical textile into both small and large bowel: a rare cause of intestinal obstruction. British J Radiol 2009; 82: 72-75.

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2010 - 11
Agarwal A, Batra B, Rasmakantan R, Bhargava SK, Chidamaranathan N, Inderjit IK. Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Radiology. Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 2010; Vol.20,2:83-88.
Rajaram S, Sharma H, Bhargava SK, Tripathi RP, Goel N, Mehta S. Mapping the Extent of disease by Multislice Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Sentinel Node Evaluation in stage 1 and 2 Cervical Carcinoma. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, Volume-6, Issue-3; Page-267-271;- July- September, 2010.
2011 - 12
Bhargava SK, Tandon A, Prakash M, Arora SS, Bhatt S. Bhargava S. “Radiography and Sonography of clubfoot-a comparative study” Indian Journal of Orthopedics 2012; 46: 229-35.
Srivastava AK, Bhargava S, Mherotra G, Agarwal S, Tripathi R.  Studies on ADC values on Diffusion Weighted MR Imaging, in various regions of brain on healthy subjects and in ischemic brain.
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Tandon A, Jain B, Tandon R, Grover C, Pandhi D, Bhatt S. “Infantile Hemangioendo-thelioma of Parotid: A sonographic diagnosis”. Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography May/June 2011; 27: 131-134.
Tandon A, Tandon R, Abrari A, Chandeasker M, Das P, Bansal B Bhatia N. “Cervical ectopic thymic cyst: a rare preoperative diagnosis” BMJ Case Reports 2011;bcr. 05.2011.4250(1)
Tandon A, Wadhwa N, Jain B, Tandon R, Bhatt S. “Intraductal papilloma of extraglandular segment of Stensen’s duct: a sonography diagnosis and pathological correlation Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography  Jan/Feb 2012, 28 (1), 39-42.
2012 - 13

Manchanda S, Sharma BB, Kumar S. Tuberculous epididymo-orchitis: MRI appearance. Urol J 2012; 9(1):351.

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2013 - 14
Bhargava SK, Prakash M, Tandon A, Arora S, Bhatt S, Bhargava S. Sonographic evaluation of clubfoot.
Bhatt S, Tandon A, Bhargava S. Role of Imaging in sub-clinical atherosclers.
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2014 - 15
2015 - 16
Agrawal M, Batra VV, Majumdar K, Upreti L, Singh D. Extensive osteolytic skull base amyloidoma simulating malignancy: A rare pseudotumor producing a diagnostic dilemma. J Cancer Res Ther. 2015; 11:646.
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Upreti L, Gupta N.  Imaging for Diagnosis of Foreign Body Aspiration in Children? Indian Pediatr. 2015; 52(8):659-60.
2016 - 17
Agarwal R, Chaudhary S, Kar R, Radhakrishnan G, Tandon A. Prediction of preeclampsia in primigravida in late first trimester using serum placental growth factor alone and by combination model. Journal of Obstretrics & Gynecology 2017, Doi: 10.1080/01443615.2017.1309367.
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Bhatt S, Ahmad M, Batra P, Tandon A, Roy S, Mandal S. Neonatal adrenal hemorrhage presenting as ‘‘Acute Scrotum’’-looking beyond the obvious: a sonographic insight. J Ultrasound. DOI 10.1007/s40477-017-0248-3.
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Bhatt S, Mishra B, Tandon A, Manchanda S, Parthsarathy G. Superior mesenteric artery syndrome in association with abdominal tuberculosis: an eye opener. Malays J Med Sci. 2017; 24(3):96–100. https://doi. org/10.21315/mjms2017.24.3.12.
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Bhatt S, Sumbul M, Rajpal, Radhakrishnan G. Value of "Three Dimensional Multidetector CT Hysterosalpingography" in Infertile Patients with Non-Contributory Hysterosalpingography: A Prospective Study. J Reprod Infertil. 2017;18(3):323-654.
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