List of Publications 

List of Publications

2005 – 06
Kumar R. Graphical Tools for Presenting the Data. In: Contemporary Public Health (eds Gupta J, Sood AK). New Delhi: Apothecaries Foundation, 2005; pp10.13-10.32.

2008 – 09

Kumar R, Jaisankar R. An application of ordinal logistic (proportional odds) regression model. The SPSS Analyst, 2008; Oct- Dec: 40-45.

2009 – 10
Bansal AK. Reliability of the model for clustering of longitudinal datasets of infant mortality rate in India, COBRA preprint series, Article 57: Aug 2009. (http://biostats.bepress.com/cobra/ps/art57)
Kumar A, Indrayan A, Tyagi VK. Reporting quality of multivariable logistic regression in selected Indian medical journals 2009. 27th Annual National Conference of Indian Society for Medical Statistics, Varanasi- Souvenir & Abstract, 2009:96-97.
2011 - 12
Kumar R, Dhaliwal U.  Career choices of undergraduate medical students. Natl Med J India. 2011 May-Jun; 24(3):166-169.
Kumar R, Indrayan A. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for medical researchers. Indian Pediatr. 2011 Apr; 48(4):277-287.
2012 - 13
Kumar R, Indrayan A, Chhabra P.  Reporting quality of multivariable logistic regression in selected Indian Medical Journals.  Journal of Postgraduate Medicine 2012; 58(2):123-6.
Kumar R.  Sample size calculation. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 2012; 60:582.
2013 - 14
Kumar R, Chhabra P. Cautions required during planning, analysis and reporting of multivariable logistic regression. Current Medicine Research Practice 2014; 4:31-39.
Kumar R. Improper reporting of Multivariable Logistic regression. Journal of Psychological Medicine 2014; 36:102-3.
Kumar R. Methodological aspects in use of scoring and multivariable logistic regression as predictive model Journal of Postgraduate Medicine 2013; 59:343-4.
Kumar R. “Sample size for estimating sensitivity and specificity of diagnostictests” In: Methods of Clinical Epidemiology (eds. SuhailDoi& Gail Williams, Springer  2013).
2014 - 15
Kumar R, Maroof A, Chatterjee P. Types of observational studies in medical research. Astrocyte 2014: 1; 154-159.
2015 - 16
Kumar R. Errors in use of multivariable regression. Indian Journal of Pharmacoogy 2015; 47:571-572.
Kumar R. Reporting error in the use of multivariable logistic regression. Indian journal of Pulic Health 2015; 59:230-231.
Stirling P, Mannambeth RV, Soler A, Batta V, Malhotra RK, Kalairajah Y. Computerised tomography Vs magnetic resonance imaging for modeling of patientspecific instrumentation in total knee arthroplasty. World Journal of Orthopedics 2015; 6:290-297.

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